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Nine of this pts presented recurrent rectal cancer (RRC).Wanebo staging for the nine PRC cases was: Tr3 (6 pts), Tr4 (2 pts), and Tr5 (1 pt).

For this reason, new approaches are needed to prevent recurrence in high risk cases.One such approach is the application of intraoperative radio therapy (IORT).In IORT, a precise dose of radiation (typically 10-20 Gy) is delivered to the tumour bed immediately after resection (6).In recent years, the emergence of compact, mobile devices equipped with radiation protection has enabled the expansion of IORT for use in a wide variety of tumour types (8,10).Among these latest-generation devices is the photon radiosurgery system (PRS), a miniature X-ray radiation device most commonly used for IORT in breast cancer [5].

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The study sample included 68 pts (41 males, 27 females) ranging in age from 33 to 82 (median, 67) years.

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