Dating megaphone phone service

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Dating megaphone phone service

Mega Fon’s appeal of the second administrative fine shall be heard by Tbilisi City Court in November 2008.

The GNCC has imposed two fines on Mega Fon: the first – in the amount of 5,000 GEL (,750) in July 2008, and the second, for the recurrence of violation in the amount of 500,000 GEL (approx. Because Georgian law envisages criminal liability for illegal business activities, the GNCC has notified the General Prosecutor of Georgia on the alleged violations committed by Mega Fon.The Georgian National Communications Commission (GNCC) has accused the Russian mobile telecommunications company Mega Fon of illegal business operations and participation in the military and economic annexation of Georgia.According to the GNCC, "Mega Fon" has provided unlicensed mobile phone coverage in the conflict zones of Georgia beginning in 2005, in particular – the South Ossetia region.December 2008 – the extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting of Mega Fon took a resolution on reorganization of Mega Fon OJSC in the form of its merger with Sonic Duo CJSC (Moscow), Ural GSM CJSC (Yekaterinburg), Mobicom-Kavkaz CJSC (Krasnodar), Mobicom-Center CJSC, Mobicom-Novosibirsk CJSC, Mobicom-Khabarovsk CJSC, MCS-Povolzhie OJSC. On July 1, 2009, reorganization was completed, and now mobile communication services in Russia are provided by the North-West, Stolichny, Kavkaz, Center, Volga, Ural, Siberia and Far East branches of Mega Fon OJSC.On September 25, 2009, it was announced about rebranding of TT mobile CJSC, subsidiary of Mega Fon that provided telecom services under the brand of MLT – "Mobile Lines of Tajikistan". In June 2010, Mega Fon acquired 100% shares of Synterra company, which was a move to strengthen network infrastructure and enhance the positions in the markets of long-distance communication, fixed and mobile broadband access to the Internet, as well as convergence services.

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On October 2, 2008, Mega Fon launched for operation the first Russian fragment of the third generation network in IMT-2000/UMTS (3G) at the territory of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region.

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