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Why is it so hard to believe that women with disabilities could be in a relationship with an able-bodied person?

I've often wondered why those examples are few and far between.

Vulnerability shouldn’t be a fancy word for “everything you say or do hurts my feelings.” This Carnival Of Insecurities presented as problems for your boyfriend to solve turns his life with you into a never-ending emotional chorewheel.

(Remember, he’s in a relationship with you, not a psychology internship.) This isn’t to say you’re wrong to look to your boyfriend for soothing.

The world is changing, and society needs to change with it.

Characters with disabilities need to be on the screen.

The statistics are sobering, to be sure, but there are examples of shows that have successfully featured characters with a variety of disabilities.

The '90s groundbreaking hit who has Down syndrome and tackles high school life; one episode of the series also features Betty Pillsbury, a young woman in a wheelchair.

While mentioned somewhat in passing by Dan - please don't set your sights on someone unattainable.

I may have had a disability, but So as someone obsessed with all things pop culture, I naturally figured it wouldn't be a big deal to have female characters with disabilities living, working, and loving on the screen. After all, there are around 27 million women with disabilities in the United States, but a recent report from GLAAD found that broadcast programming saw a decrease in characters with disabilities over the last two years, from 1.4 to 0.9 percent—and that percentage includes both male and female characters, making the actual number of female characters even lower. Having someone who looks like you and faces the same issues you do is so important.

And sadly, when these characters do play a central role, it's typically in relation to their disability, as if to say, "LOOK! They're out and about and living their lives."It's a phenomenon known as inspiration porn—the idea that people with disabilities, by virtue of simply living their day-to-day lives, are somehow inspiration for the able-bodied. We need to be represented, not just as an object meant to be inspiration porn, which is something that's always made me cringe.

Or, how many examples are there where the plot doesn’t revolve around the character's disability in some way?

This sends the message that a disability is your whole life, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth.


Accept someone with perceived but over-emphasized "flaws" similar to your own and you are much more likely to find some success.