Deal with rejection dating

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These pseudo-explanations just draw you into prolonged accusations or apologies.If two people don’t click, it doesn’t mean something is wrong with either of them.So finding healthy ways of dealing with rejection will help you stay active in your search for love.As a dating coach for women, let me share my five surefire methods to bounce back more quickly and guard against a broken heart.We enjoyed some of the same things, so it was okay for awhile, but then she accused me of not being very engaged with her, said I was emotionally unavailable. So we can muddle along, or make excuses, or try to dodge and weave, just to avoid having to say/hear a rejection out loud. Realistically, disappointments and rejections happen all the time in dating.I told her I just wasn’t ready for a romantic relationship. You have to spend a little time with someone before you know if you want more time with her.They’re just two different people who aren’t a good fit for each other.

Last time I went out with someone, I knew after the first date that I wasn’t attracted to her…but she acted so interested and I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, so I went out with her for several weeks. We hate to say “No” to people, and we don’t like hearing it either.

So when you know how to make things worse, you also know how to make them better.

If you don’t practice the bad habits of postponing, prolonging, or pretending, you’re much more likely to respect yourself, and her.

Usually, there’s hope that without the initial anxiety, everyone will calm down and present a more true self.

The thing is, how you handle stress is part of your true self. Another hope that springs up is that somehow you may become more attracted to this person if you spend more time with her.

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