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Fetish chat hookup

I always tell them to hit up AFF for a play partner and the feedback I received was fantastic.

Remember, you are a sexual being and just because someone has cut you off for whatever reason, doesn’t mean you have to suffer. Again, run by the folks at ALT they have a massive database of sexy partners who want to play, ‘on the side’ with ‘no strings’.

That’s because after owning my own dating site for many years I know quality when I see it.

Every body and their brother has a ‘dating site’ now but that doesn’t mean that they are worth your money.

Revised and Updated June 2014 One of the hardest things you’ll deal with when indulging your fetish is to find like-minded or complimentary mates.

They offer FREE Standard Memberships as well and also offer premium memberships starting at .95 a month.

Spanking can be a lot of fun, especially if both you and your partner are equally into it.

AFF is another one of my favorites but for different reasons.

I have recommended AFF to men who are in what I consider to be sexless marriages; their wives libido’s for one reason or another no longer exist and they no longer get sex.

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Note however, that this site is almost identical inside to Spanking and has all the same features and members.

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