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I am really hard-pressed to think of any that are anywhere near as successful, and although I would attribute that to my own ignorance, I’ve asked a few other people too, and they can’t come up with anything, either.ADVANTAGE NUMBER ONE: You must choose straight, gay, or bisexual. Obviously, this seems to be very unfriendly to asexuals, but honestly, using the current system, I can’t imagine how allowing “asexual” as an option would work.This is good news for little-known sexual orientations and anyone who practices alternative relationship styles.And because the site is so well-known, we can get some free awareness-spreading done just by trying to score ourselves a date. OVERALL RATING: 9/10 If you’re ONLY looking to date a fellow asexual, you may not like OKC. Or the person might not yet have realized that they are asexual (this happened to me with one of my closest friends–consider this a shout out! Most of the time it’s just been by chance, meeting them through other interests and then discovering that we’re both asexual, but a few times, I have met asexual people specifically through online dating sites. Even if by chance we do meet up with another one, it’s not like there’s any way to pick an asexual out of a crowd just by their appearance, and the topic of asexuality may not be likely to come up. Most of the asexual or near-asexual people I know in real life I initially met online.With time, it will probably grow more and more asexual-friendly, too. On a dating site, a generic message is the kiss of death. ” and what I hear is “Please feel free to delete this message.

There are also a few annoying things about searching for matches, like that my highest match (my gf) doesn’t always show up when I search for “highest match” in every range.You have to realize that this is being used as an indicator of , not as an indicator of sexuality.The sexuality is simply assumed, because everyone is assumed to have a sexuality, and of course that’s stupid, but that’s not really what this is about.This is the only comedy night designed for single people. This is your chance to laugh with a lot of available people of the opposite sex.Some people call it the funniest singles night you’ll ever go on, we call it…

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I know I already mentioned this, but I think it’s just that important to mention again.