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*** When you defeat Green Valley's urge to not be found, you'll find two miniscule mustard letters affixed to a pole just off the road: GV.

As we pull off onto their gravel drive, there is a chainlink fence decorated with barbed wire on top. A metallic female voice echoes over the intercom, "Okay, go ahead and come straight up to the office." Somewhere behind the fence she pushes a button and the gate swings open. On Green Valley's website, an FAQ section suggests that the only thing nudists hate more than using their last names are camera phones. "There are just too many people out there on the internet that would get a kick out of knowing we're here together, naked," Bonnie says.

I sprawl out on the chair, uncovered, closing my eyes and basking in the uninhibited sunshine as water laps the sides of the pool. We're a half an hour south of Cleveland at the Green Valley Family Nudist Camp, a place where men, women and families cavort together in the nude, located near neighborhoods in Medina County that shade red on your friendly local political maps. Many neighbors don't even know it exists, let alone the rest of Clevelanders.

It's one of those perplexing places, cloistered by choice and circumstance, with a rich and colorful history brimming right beneath our noses. I rank high on the "comfortable-being-naked" scale, probably because I am young and have received relatively little negative feedback when naked.

I identify with white, body-positive feminists (a la Lena Dunham), and have accepted the bumpy, square-shaped structure I was born in. There's very little history of Green Valley online, save for a bare-bones website that boasts "average people from all walks of life" with members "of all shapes and sizes." A few articles from the early 2000s offer little information to sate the curious mind.

So what's a gal to do but go experience it for herself, right?

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Cradling my beach towel close to my chest, I clutch a red Solo cup full of champagne and pineapple juice. "Oh yeah, we're having a great time," I reply, pulled back into reality for a second, a little dazed by the warmth of the July day enveloping my body.

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