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you can also find such location-based features in different photo apps that saves data where the pictures are taken.In this i OS app tutorial, we’re going to build a simple demo app in which we’ll get the current location of a device. In this post, we’re going to look at how we can retrieve the user’s location as pure data and as a position on a map.We’ll look into the Core Location and Map Kit modules and build an app that will display some diagnostic information like latitude, longitude, altitude, and accuracy.We don’t need to create outlets for the UILabels on the left side since those labels have static text so we don’t have to reference them for anything.In addition, we’ll need to import Core Location right under the import to UIKit.Let’s create a new Single-View i OS app in Xcode called Find Me. We’ll need several static UILabels and equally as many dynamic ones to display various diagnostic information like latitude, longitude, altitude, and accuracy.

However, Most of the successful startups like Zomato, Redbus, and Tinder provide services by integrating core location framework.

However, if we were building a weather app, we don’t need very accurate location on the user; perhaps a general vicinity will work fine.

Since we’re running our app on the simulator and simulation a location, we can simply select the best accuracy available. When we do this, we also need to conform to the CLLocation Manager Delegate in our class declaration.

In addition to the labels, let’s create another variable called location Manager of type CLLocation Manager and initialize it.

This class is what we’ll use to request the user’s location.

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Mobile applications use location data for multiple purposes, from social networking to driving navigations.

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