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It does about 130km/h (80mph) in the straight and up to 250km/h (150mph) in a vertical dive.It has quite a few flight hours on its back and is still going strong.Our team creates each Switch Panel with your personal needs and unique aircraft layout in mind.Your input and vision guides the entire design process from start to finish.The old build was done using the "Riteweave" method that most people here are already familiar with: 3M90 glue and thin fiberglass weave appropriately named "Riteweave" to stiffen the wing.While it adds insane amounts of strength, the weight gain is about 700g for the whole wing, or 500g when being very stingy with the glue and riteweave here and there.

I will probably need to upgrade to 6-8kg at some point Edit: 4.1kg servos definitely too small. Custom motor mount, get a similar one here Expected specs: Weight: aiming for 2kg, will probably end up at 2.2kg Flight time: between 25 and 40 minutes Flight distance: between 20km and 30km.With various color options available for backlighting each button.Choose and tweak buttons from our large library or create your own to give you full control of your IFE and CMS systems.Still, the build takes quite a bit of time to complete (~4-5 evenings) Moving on to the present.The new way the ritewings will be built from here on is using a laminating film.

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Or we offer custom plating in your choice of metals including gold and silver Gain the ultimate in control and flexibility with a Touch Screen Switch Panel.