Naked mom finder

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Placing a near-naked baby on his mother's bare skin, a technique known as skin-to-skin contact, enhances bonding and may help prevent symptoms of depression after childbirth, Canadian researchers found.

They asked 30 new moms to provide five hours a day of such contact in the infant's first week of life followed by at least two hours of skin-to-skin contact daily for the next three weeks.

Cucumber and melon, strawberry and watermelon, raspberry and lemon…the possibilities are endless.Skin-to-skin contact promotes the mom's production of oxytocin, a hormone that boosts maternal feelings and a positive mood, according to study author Ann Bigelow, Ph. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia."The close contact also helps a mother recognize and become familiar with her infant's signals, which leads to more sensitive maternal response," she says.The babies given this access to their mother's skin tended to have more stable temperatures, heart rates and gastrointestinal function, and they slept more, cried less and grew faster, Bigelow adds.Moms-to-be should remember that going bare can lead to breastfeeding success.

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