Pastor 10 commandments for dating my daughter

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Pastor 10 commandments for dating my daughter

I borrowed this title from an engaged friend, and we both laughed about how she certainly wouldn't be needing it anymore!I found it to be chock-full of common sense advice.Even though I accepted everything they said, it really didn't solidify in my mind.But perhaps that's just because I've never dated before.

This book will hopefully make people think about what they want out of a relationship and how they can set guidelines to for a healthy and beneficial relationship while also keeping themselves from I liked this practical guide to dating.Overall, this is a great book for everyone who is and is not dating.It has harsh but truthful claims, and it helps sets your sights towards God and living in righteousness while showing how to protect yourself and the one you date from sin. And while most of the stuff seemed very common sense-y, it was nice to see someone give insight into why it was important.And in no way am I saying that I am now a pro and this book is all you'll need to have a perfect relationship but I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is thinking about dating seriously. I agree 100% with all of the commandments listed(although, there were bits in between that I thought could be tweaked maybe).The material is presented in a light, easy manner that makes this anything but a tedious read.

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