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Rolex dating system

There are no rotatable bezels or functions allowing the wearer to monitor time zones.It is as if Rolex decided to return to the very basics of the fine art of watchmaking.The ladies' watches in the Cellini collection are powered by Quartz movements.Some folks may say the classic design is totally inconsistent with a quartz movement, especially as men's models in the line are all hand-wound.It was also the world's first fully waterproof men's watch with automatic winding and central seconds-hand.How Date Just Evolved: 1945: The original Date Just is modified from Bubbleback with introduction of the date function at the 3 position.All in all, the Cellini line is Rolex's fine tribute to the enduring qualities of classic elegance, which, like the artist's works, really is timeless.

The old pie-pan dial was replaced with a new case and dial to fit the new smaller movement.In the end only the Air-King survived and was eventually fitted with an automatic movement.Benvenuto Cellini was a well-known 16th century Italian artist.While the Oyster Royal line existed already before the war - and was, at that time, the most expensive manual wind model - Rolex began producing larger watches and baptizing them with names like "Air Tiger," "Air Lion," "Air Giant," and "Air King." Interestingly enough, what was then considered a "large" watch- 32 to 34 mm diameter - is now small in comparison, as Rolex models feature up to a 44 mm diameter.The "Air" line of watches remained in production until the early 1960s, but never really took off.

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The common elements of Cellini men's watches is a very discreet, no-frills design.