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Sat nav updating

Again, as always on this website, we highly recommend that you buy yourself a Brand name motorcycle Satellite Navigation device as whilst there are plenty of models on the market and you can get some really cheap models from China, often they don’t work or you cannot update them meaning that they will not last very long before they become out of date.Before you choose the right motorcycle Sat Nav device for Your needs, take into account the following: We love the first generation of the Tom Tom Rider and whilst we thought the Garmin Zumo 590 was probably a better model, it’s very expensive which means that it’s hard to justify the price tag when you start comparing it two the Tom Tom Rider.Our favourite motorcycle Sat Nav unit is the Tom Tom Rider as its both good value for money and super easy to use whilst giving you a motorcycle satellite navigation system that provides you with all the latest maps and turn-by-turn directions to allow you to get to your destination.The Garmin Zumo series is probably a better Sat Nav unit, however if you want to get any form of useable features then you will have to pay for the top model that has a massive price tag that simply cannot be justified.It’s over £500 that is a hell of a lot of money for a sat nav system to use on your motorcycle.If you’re riding your motorcycle as a delivery person then maybe you can justify the price tag, but we cannot therefore the Tom Tom above is a better buy.

The all new updated 2014 maps provides you with turn-by-turn directions, route re-calculations and a huge “points of interest” database that means you are never short of places to go if you want stop for a quick break.The Tom Tom Rider is Tom Tom’s all new 2014 model that comes with a new 5-inch high resolution touchscreen with that has been designed to help with use in direct sunlight and allows you to press buttons on the touchscreen without taking your gloves off.The rider comes with a new super fast processor that helps to find satellite connections and calculated routes quickly.The Garmin Zumo 595LM is Garmin’s new and improved version of the Zumo 590LM that we reviewed last year.Again, like the 590, the 595 is a fantastic motorcycle sat nav unit that comes with a 5-Inch, glove friendly, direct sun-light readable screen that means you are able to read your turn-by-turn directions whether it’s bright day-light or pitch black at night.

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The 3.5 inch screen is now covered with an anti-glare film that help with both colour clarity meaning that you can see the map even better, and helps in direct sunlight situations meaning that you don’t need a screen glare.

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