Sedating antihistamines and asthma

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You should also avoid alcohol if you are on a sedating antihistamine as they potentiate the effect of alcohol on the nervous system.Half a pint of beer will have the same effects as two or three pints and you might drive as if you were over the alcohol limit.Histamine plays a major role in human health, exerting its diverse effects through 4 or more types of receptors (Table 1).Through the H receptor, histamine is involved in cell proliferation and differentiation, hematopoiesis, embryonic development, regeneration, and wound healing.

The study appears in the leading asthma and respiratory disease journal.At present, four different histamine receptors are known: Further research into these receptors may produce antihistamines with different medical applications and maybe even one which is extremely specific to H1 and may have fewer side effects than current drugs.Allergy Relief Products It's well worthwhile making sure your children eat a healthy diet, if you want to protect them from asthma.Also, be aware of the potential for interaction between antihistamines and any other medicines you are on.The antihistamine mizolastine (Mizollen - prescription only) can interact with some medicines to cause abnormal heart rhythms.

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Some cough and cold remedies contain antihistamine, so don't take these with an antihistamine medicine for allergy as you may end up taking too much antihistamine overall.