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Seriouslydatingorengaged com

They use interactive and experiential exercises to heal and restore marriages.Through printed invitations, personal invitations, and more, the hope is that our neighbors, friends, families, co-workers, and acquaintances would somehow find their way into the ROCKHARBOR community on Christmas Eve.From hospitality to children’s ministry to ushers and many more. You can sign up to serve during weekend services or use the links below: This Christmas, join the rest of the RH Community by participating in 24/7 prayer for our Christmas Eve services. A few weeks ago some close friends checked their daughter in at the hospital at 6 am for heart surgery.No family should ever have to go through this kind of trial. In their darkest hour, my friends were surrounded by other friends who loved them and cared for them.We will each spend one hour in prayer interceding for Christmas— our services, the people who will come, and all the details big and small.

Weddings at Victory are beautiful occasions; it is an honor to celebrate this important time of life with you.For more information contact Jenifer: [email protected] Coaching Couples coaching offers one-on-one connection with trained couples in a private and confidential setting.These couples can offer guidance and help energize relationships that need encouragement.Whether you require a major overhaul, some minor repairs or just a healthy adjustment, RYM offers something for every stage of your relationship. For three consecutive weeks couples will come together in community to hear powerful speakers and find encouragement to strengthen their marriages.Date Night Join us for some serious fun, as we add helpful tools to your marriage toolbox; We will start out with some appetizers in our lobby, get some practical relational wisdom from our resident experts and then you will head to your favorite date spot while we watch your kids.

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For more information contact Karen: [email protected] Lifeline Relationship Lifeline is an organization that partners with Mariners Church to help restore damaged relationships.

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