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As they left they saw Neville Longbottom and his grandmother.“Hiya, Harry,” he said, and then he added, “Oh, hi Ginny, I didn’t see you there.” They both greeted Neville with a smile and Ginny gave him a hug.“Well, ok then, it is what it looks like, but since when was sleeping a crime? “I would not call kissing nothing,” Ginny said, casting him a look.He was not sure but Harry thought she was enjoying herself at the costly expense of his life. She moved between the twins and him ordering them out of the room.Later that morning after Molly had put a fair fight trying to keep the kids from going to Diagon Alley, the four of them appeared with a pop in the back of Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes. “I was only teasing you, silly,” she said, her voice full of laughter. Harry was sure that Ginny had a better time picking out clothes for him than she did for herself.

The next day, Harry confided in Ron and Hermione about the memories and they were as stumped as he was.Michael Corner, in her 4th year, but then she ditches him at the end of it because he was a sore loser at Quidditch.Then she dates Dean Thomas for most of her 5th year, she eventually ends it with him and proceeds to date Harry Potter himself, to whom she ends up marrying and having 3 children. His respect for Neville had really grown over the past two years. ” Neville exclaimed, fear etched on his round face.Inspiration struck Harry and he said, “Ron, Hermione, Ginny and I are home schooling, and I was wondering if you would be willing to join us instead of returning to Hogwarts. Longbottom.” “That would be great,” Neville blurted out. “Well, as all your friends won’t be attending school this year, I guess it won’t hurt for you to home school with them. To Neville’s relief Harry said, “We are just reviewing last year at this point so Ginny can catch up.” “Are you going to sit the exams with us Ginny? “Yeah, no problem,” Neville answered, and then looked at his gran to make sure this was ok.

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About twenty minutes later, Harry emerged and met up with his friends. Harry grabbed Ron and held him back, saying, “Here, take this, and you and Hermione disappear until we meet back here later,” Harry said, handing Ron a sack full of gold. They may have enjoyed the meal if the waiter had not announced Harry’s name to everyone in the restaurant.

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